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IEEE ITherm Conference

The Intersociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems

2018 Panel Sessions

Micro-Two-Phase Liquid Cooling Systems for Electronics

Two-phase cooling continues to gain traction in the cooling of electronics (IGBT's, CPU's, LED's, optical lasers, etc.). The panel will address technical developments, special issues and concerns on two-phase cooling systems. The panel will also cover some case studies on existing and pending applications and an overview of methods and simulators for designing of two-phase cold plates and their cooling systems (thermosyphon and pump-driven systems). The panel will furthermore address the pros/cons when choosing the best working fluid for applications.

Thermal Management of Mobile/IoT Devices

In the last few years there has been a significant growth in computing platforms ranging from handhelds to IoT devices and everything in between. This is associated with increasingly high thermal management and other packaging issues ranging from low to high form factors. Majority of research today is CPU-centric whereas in the mobile/portable space, the device skin as well as the other components, which do not have dedicated thermal solutions, are equally challenging to cool. In products like handheld devices and mobile phones, passive dissipation is the most preferred and sometimes, the only possible cooling solution available. A different thermal landscape is now opening with the IoT devices and other adjacent high power areas. A panel of experts will discuss these aspects and will share their vision on the future of small to large electronics thermal management and other advanced system level cooling solutions.

Energy Management and Thermal Packaging of Data Centers

This panel will explore multi-scale challenges in data centers being driven simultaneously by the rapid expected growth of internet of things (IOT), and computing hardware trends such as heterogeneous integration. Approaches for computing load balance, and improvement of energy efficiency, under realistic data center operational scenarios will be explored. The panel will also discuss recent advances in heterogeneous integration in computing hardware. Advances in thermal management technologies to enable future computing hardware will be presented.

Nanoscale Thermals: Modeling, Applications and Advances

The panel puts forth a discussion of the challenges in the domain of electronics thermal management from transistors to data centers, their implications and a hierarchical view of scientific and engineering solutions needed to achieve them.

Healthcare Thermal Management

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